Coaching and Mentoring

Executive Coaching

The impact of the changes being experienced in the business environment globally, requires leaders to embrace and adapt to the changes. Leaders need to expand their leadership vision, strategy and potential. The leadership skills that are needed at the management level or capacity must align with the organisational goals in order to grow their business or career.

Research shows that an organization is only as good as the leader, the leadership style it embraces and the assets within that organization. Our seasoned trainers with the knowledge and expertise required, will organise leadership training sessions and seminars with leaders in your company to assist them with becoming distinguished individuals.

Our sessions will involve having workshops where 360 feedback reports will be used as case studies to help the leaders within your organisation develop a more practical and effective way of communicating with team members and employees, thereby increasing their morale, performance and confidence.

We will also engage the senior management in sessions, that will guide them in making the right decisions with regard to their strategies, governance and social responsibilities to ensure it aligns with their goals. We will also guide your organization in identifying the best leadership styles suited for your management and team.

Life Coaching

In every organisation, the greatest desire for individuals is to thrive and have fulfilment in their positions and working environment.  When individuals become agitated or are not performing well in their roles or positions, certain enabling factors need to be introduced to the individual. Individuals need to be certain they are enjoying their work, meeting a certain need and content that they are fulfilling their purpose

Our experience with coaching will ensure you are paired with the right coach to align you with your specific goals and personality. Our experienced coach will assist you on the coaching journey ensuring that each engagement and individual coaching session is tailored to your goals and your specific learning style. This ensures that each session is result-oriented


Leaders that want their organisations to outlive them must have sustainable mentorship programs ingrained in their structure. Organisations are gradually realizing that mentorship programs are a powerful and long-lasting way to ensure skill building, the discovery of talents and their retention.

Our experts will work closely with your organisational development team to develop a process of matching mentors and mentees and then further divide them into mentorship groups such as one to one, group mentorship programs and reverse mentoring.

We will guide your team to develop appropriate and relevant mentoring programs for different areas of your organisation, these will assist in boosting growth development, employee retention, strengthen corporate culture and promote diversity and inclusion within the organisation