Corporate Services 

Change Management

The only constant thing is change. Without the readiness to embrace and implement change, organisations will fail, irrespective of the amount spent. The importance of change management in an organization cannot be overemphasised in realizing the intended success.

Effective communication of key process changes, re-orienting the mindset of your resources and effectively training them is indispensable to the successful adoption, implementation and use of any new system and innovation

Many organisational leaders believe that embracing new technology is the answer to rapid change, it’s only part of the proposed solutions. Increasingly, successful organisations empower their resources and give them an enabling environment to embrace change.

With our expertise in change management, we will guide your organisation in the formal approach to prepare and support resources in your organization to successfully adopt change in order to drive the organisational success needed to transform the organization. 

Our experienced team will also guide you in preparing a training guide for implementing the required changes within your organization.

Quality Assurance

Organisations are continuously raising the bar when it involves the delivery of quality products or services to clients.  Every organisation needs to have proper quality assurance processes and procedures in place to guide them in providing quality that conforms to the required specification.

Our seasoned team will provide guidance by assessing the current policies, processes and procedures, identifying gaps within the system, and developing sustainable frameworks and solutions in resolving the gaps. Where necessary, we will provide job shadowing on client sites to observe complex processes to enable us to provide the necessary solutions.

We also assist and guide in developing quality control procedures and measures, quality assurance procedures and measures and continuous improvement to ensure that products and services meet an acceptable standard, thereby eliminating waste and the cost of rework.

Risk Management

Organisations are constantly faced with risks and the huge negative impacts they face when they are not properly managed or dealt with. The importance of having a robust risk management framework cannot be downplayed in the workplace.

Risk Management is an enabling function that adds value to the activities of the organisation and increases the probability of success in achieving our strategic objectives. 

Our experienced team will analyse your processes and procedures, identify gaps and show a clear pathway to managing uncertainty; either by avoiding or mitigating the risks and creating an environment where surprises are greatly minimized. In addition, we will guide your risk personnel to determine the level of risk and prepare proper risk mitigation plans continuous process improvement.

Project Management

Transformation and continuous improvement in companies have seen businesses embracing projects, unfortunately, a large number of the projects executed always fail due to a number of varying reasons.

We will work with your resources to assess your business needs and how they are aligned with your organizational vision and strategy. We will identify gaps analysed from the current situation; this will help us determine whether your business is best suited to a traditional or an agile project management style.

We will collaborate with you to design and develop processes and procedures to develop a project management framework that will work for your organization. These will involve project selection criteria, their impact on the business, sustainability, resources, time, cost and the quality expected.

Where necessary, our team will work with your resources to set up a Project Management Office for the smooth running and delivery of projects, training and handing over to the operational department. Our diversified team are also available to oversee projects and give an overall pictorial view with our project management tools and techniques.

Diversity Equity Inclusion

Gradually, the workplace is being impacted and transformed by people, culture and ideologies. While some organisations are still struggling with this, major organisations have embraced these changes and leveraged the opportunities of having a diverse blend of human resources.

We will work with your company’s leadership and HR to determine practical ways of ensuring there is equality, diversity and inclusion across your organization.  Our expert team will achieve this by looking at your Human Resources Policies and assisting to develop a D.E.I rating that is aligned with the business strategy, reflected in the HR structure. 

Where necessary, we will work with your team in designing and developing policies that embrace and support diversity in the workplace, frown on racial and gender discrimination and assist with developing programs that ensure inclusiveness across the entire organization.