Human Resource Management

Recruitment and Staffing

Recruitment and staffing are integral parts of every organisation and its people are the most important asset. Discovering the right mix of experience, skills and talent can be a daunting task. With changes in working conditions and the environment, it has become necessary to enhance the process of attracting, engaging and retaining employees.   

Our seasoned consultants will work with your HR team to access your existing practice, evaluate them and where necessary, based on reports, develop industry standard policies and procedures appropriate for your organization.

We will work with you to develop an effective HR framework based on identified gaps within your processes and implement them, to facilitate a seamless recruitment and staffing journey that will attract and retain seasoned and experienced staff. 

We will also work alongside your HR team in the full-cycle recruitment process which involves preparing, sourcing, screening, selecting, hiring and onboarding. 

Corporate Training

Getting the best out of your employees involves them receiving the appropriate and required training for their new roles. Employees that have undergone training always have a better understanding of the organization and different departments within the company.

Corporate training is learning and development opportunities that organisations offer their employees to improve their skill sets and talents.

Our Corporate training portfolio involves an assessment of your current training strategy and implementation process, identifying areas that need to be overhauled and those that need to be improved and then working with your team to design and develop a robust and suitable training plan that meets industry standards.

Our team will also guide in developing training targeted at specific skills, positions and projects.  This training will enable a 360-degree assessment, feedback, networking, and improve communication and technical skills that will see employees perform at optimum level.

Leadership Development

Leadership development is a very important aspect of every organization, successful organisations invest in leadership development for good reason. Companies with the best leadership development programs always earn recognition as employers of choice.

Our approach is to evaluate your leadership development processes and procedures and develop a leadership development framework that will assist in identifying future leaders and equip them with the right skills that will enable them to be outstanding and achieve success.

Our team of experts are equipped to conduct leadership development seminars, workshops and training sessions with leaders in your organization to ensure they develop and exhibit leadership skills.

The results and feedback from the sessions will help discover unproductive leadership practices that affect employee performance. These will in turn help us develop initiatives and programs that will develop confidence and build a “can do it attitude”.

Our team of HR experts will guide your organisation in developing its unique leadership styles, suitable for teams and individuals that will enable it to reach its pinnacle. 

Welfare Compensation and Remuneration

In today’s developing and highly competitive business environment, the target of organisations is to attract, recruit, retain and motivate high-performing and talented employees to achieve the company’s objective. This can only be accomplished by putting in place a robust remuneration and welfare package scheme.

We will work with your team to assess and evaluate jobs and then proceed to map out compensations dependent on the knowledge, training, competencies and responsibilities of the particular job.

Our experts will then develop welfare, compensation and remuneration strategies to assist in meeting business objectives while being responsible and compliant with all applicable laws and regulations.

 Industrial Relations      

Globally, organisations have realised that people are their greatest assets; therefore, they are continuously looking at better ways of avoiding disputes, establishing relationships and safeguarding the interests of both employees and management.

We will work with your HR team to evaluate the policies and procedures in your organisation to identify gaps within the systems. We will assist with developing new strategies to broaden the industrial relations framework in the organization. 

Our expert team will also collaborate with your HR resources to develop processes and procedures to enable social dialogue for communication and information sharing to assist with conflict prevention and resolution to help resolve work-related issues. 

We will also assist in providing expert advice to leaders regarding the identification, development and implementation of strategic opportunities and solutions that will improve workforce performance in the organization.

 Succession Planning 

To ensure that businesses continue to run smoothly after the exit of the key leader(s), every organization needs to have a succession strategy plan for passing on leadership roles. As management guru Peter Drucker once said “There is no success without a successor.  

Our seasoned experts will work with the senior leaders and talent managers within the organisation to design policies and processes for identifying the right skills, and attributes, identifying potential replacements both within and outside the company and also training employees that can grow into leadership roles.

We will work with the leadership to develop a strategy that will include policies and procedures to create both emergency succession plans and long-term succession plans. We will also assist in developing the required training for succession planning.

Retirement Planning

Retirement is what employees dread, but every employee will eventually retire at some point in the organisation they work.  Retirement involves a lot of planning and commitment to ensure that every employee has financial security.

Our seasoned retirement specialist will guide your HR personnel on policies to start a retirement plan for your staff. Our staff will also give advice on opening individual retirement accounts for those who are interested in going along that route.